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Bandung Trip - Lembang Again

The itinerary after CUPS was repetition of 2014 Itinerary of Lembang. We planned to visit Dusun Bambu, Lembang Floating Market, and Tahu Susu Lembang. The post can be seen in and

This time, we visited LembangFloating Market first so that we could catch some nice photos. We spent quite some time in Floating Market before moving on to Dusun Bambu. It was unlucky that we reached there around 4 p.m. and the archery field had closed for the day. Bf's heart was broken he could not play Katnis Everdeen.

The entrance fee to Lembang Floating Market is IDR 15000 (~SGD 1.6) with a complementary cup of coffee/tea/milo. 

Lembang Floating Market
Turning left from the entrance to enjoy the surrounding before enjoying the foods
<3 <3 <3
Mini Europe?
Floating House - China Style
Traditional Gazebo
Fish Pond 
Seating Area 

We enjoyed a plate of rabbit meat satay and rujak (fruit salad with sweet peanut sauce) before moving on to the next destination: Dusun Bambu. The entrance fee is IDR 20,000 including a bottle of mineral water. As compared to our visit 2 years ago, there have been change and expansion in this place.

The map is getting bigger, some area are still under construction
Taking the angkot inside
New photo spot
It's getting greener
Kids' Playground - additional IDR 50,000
The superstar of Dusun Bambu
The landscaping is getting much better
Mom and Dad in Dusun Bambu
Purple - Red - Green - Grey
At the Floating Platform
The paddy field at the back of the entrance

With a stream too

We drove out of Dusun Bambu at around 6:00 p.m. to Tahu Susu Lembang. After having some nice bites and buying some tofu and tempeh snacks, we drove to Maja House. Maja House is a cafe/bar for chillax atop Lembang. When seated outside, customer can view the lights from Bandung city. We were quite disappointed by Maja House because it no more served alcohol. So, we ordered mocktail but it was no good. Instead of mocktail, it tasted like sugar syrup. Not recommended.

Interior of the lobby
The syrup :(
I don't understand the meaning of this quote, really

We drove back to the city, had our dinner, and prepared ourselves for the journey back to Singapore the next day.

Bandung, till next time.

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

Bandung Trip - fin

Bandung Trip - Another CUPS of Coffee

The last day in Bandung. We spent our morning buying our favourite snacks in Kartika Sari Bandung, the heaven of snack. Past review can be seen in

After that, we went for our late breakfast at one of the cafe in the town. After doing much research, we had a few options laid out and finally we chose CUPS Coffee and Kitchen. This cafe is located at Jalan Trunojoyo No. 25, by the side of the road. From the outside, you do not find this cafe appealing. But once you step in, it is different atmosphere.

The outside, plain and old
A greenhouse inside
Plants on the wall, plants hanging from the ceiling, plants everywhere
We love to make coffee for the city who loves to drink it

The cafe was empty when we entered and it was still empty until we left. Perhaps it's the timing, perhaps it's the facade that made it empty. I don't know. After ordering our food, we hang around to snap almost every single corner of the cafe.

The coffee bar
The photogenic corner
In the middle of the cafe with my flat white

We waited quite some time for the food but we did not mind. The cafe made us want to sit there all day. And of course, once the foods were out, they were all great. We even ordered additional pasta. CUPS Coffee and Kitchen also serves decent cups of coffee.

Nasi gila - rice with sweet and spicy beef gravy, omelette, bala-bala (prawn ball fritter), cucumber, and prawn cracker
Beef burger with ham and mushroom
Spicy salmon spaghetti
Chicken and mushroom spatzle

We enjoyed sitting around enjoying the ambience before we decided to move on to the next destination: Lembang.

Group photo in CUPS

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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Bandung Trip - Enjoying Sunset Amongst Greenery

We had our tummy quite hungry already and we decided to proceed to our next destination. We were considering between Kebon Awi Restaurant or Warung Salse. Kebon Awi Restaurant is a Sundanese restaurant in the middle of bamboo woods while Warung Salse is a cafe located atop of the hills at Dago.

Since Dad wanted to have a Sundanese dinner at his favourite restaurant, Alas Daun, we decided to have some light bites at Warung Salse.

Warung Salse has a unique space utilization. It is located at the edge of the cliff at the side of Jalan Dago Giri. Perhaps due to its narrow land area, it is designed to be cascading down the cliff. The roof at the main building is slanting. It really looks small from the outside, but once you step in, it feels spacious and heavenly.

Interior of Warung Salse, directly facing the woods
Outdoor area downstairs
We walked all the way down and found this beautiful wall art
Menu in the form of magazine
Our order: nasi bakar oncom (grilled rice with fermented soybean), tahu jeletot/tahu isi (fried tofu with stuffing of vegetables), batagor (fish cake with peanut sauce), tahu gejrot (fried hollow tofu in chili sauce), and rondo royal pisang (fried banana and pineapple)

The foods were pretty tasty especially the tofu variant. The nasi bakar was nice too. The only thing that was a bit of disappointment was the banana-pineapple fritter, I could not taste the pineapple at all!

Taking picture before leaving

After resting for a while, we continued to the next destination just a few hundred metres away, Lawang Wangi Creative Art Space. It is a newly establishment combining cafe, art gallery, and souvenir shop. Only in Warung Salse we knew that Lawang Wangi belonged to the same owner.

Lawang Wangi Creative Art Space has spacious parking area and minimalist 2-storey building. The first storey is used as an art gallery and souvenir shop while the upper storey is used as a cafe with a viewing deck.

Upon entering the building, we were welcomed by sounds of a traditional instruments and it felt so serene. We walked to the souvenir shop and saw arrays of handmade crafts and art items being displayed. We walked to the art gallery and took a glance of the exhibits. We then walked up and walked straight to the viewing deck.

Art Gallery

We were lucky that no officer was guarding the door to the viewing deck when we reached the second level. We just walked straight and started enjoying the panorama and of course, taking pictures.

The bridge towards the end of viewing deck
The view, how great thou art~~~
Don't follow, this is dangerous
Mom and dad <3

We walked in after a while, thinking there was only this platform to enjoy the scenery. But, to our surprise, at the back of the parking lot, there's a compound which was as beautiful as the viewing platform.

On the way down
Enjoying the sunset at the backyard
My favourite shot
The cheesy shot 
Mom's favourite shot 
Lawang Wangi Creative Art Space from the backyard

We drove back towards the city and found that the road was jammed like hell. We drove off from Lawang Wangi at around 6:00 p.m and we reached our dinner place at around 08:30 p.m. Another AWESOME ride.

We had dinner at Alas Daun, which was covered before in After the heavy dinner, we went back to Cibadak Food Street to try out another wedang ronde. Wedang Ronde Alkateri was recommended by a few friends and relatives. But still, for me, Wedang Ronde Gardujati 86 has no competition. Absolute champion!

Wedang Ronde Alkateri

Love is in the air,
Little Feet

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